Sofa-Safe Cat Claw Protectors

**Securely Attaches to Leather Surfaces**
Our Sofa-Safe Cat Claw Protectors are designed specifically for leather applications. They adhere firmly to your smooth leather surfaces without leaving behind any unsightly residue.

Their sticky but residue-free nature ensures your furniture remains unspoiled after removal.

**Versatile Universal Model**
Not just for sofas! Our Cat Claw Protectors are a universal model, extending protection to other furniture around your home. Whether it's table corners, door edges, or any other piece of furniture, our protectors offer a safeguard against potential pet damage.

**Effective Anti-Scratch Solution**
Equipped with a potent anti-scratch film, our Sofa-Safe Cat Claw Protectors serve as a reliable barrier against pet-inflicted damage. Preserve the integrity and beauty of your furniture, all while providing your pets the freedom to follow their natural instincts.